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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

3 goals, 3 points!

Today a rusty Bagan side eased its way past George Telegraph. 3-0 the final score and Bagan extend their lead at the top!
Imran Khan was trusted below the bars for Bagan after the disastrous performance by Sangram in the Fed Cup and not so bright Shilton Paul. Though he was not tested enough yet he did enough to keep a clean sheet!
The game started with Bagan enjoying the lion's share of possession. Though Bagan made a few moves, yet upfront Lalam couldn't combine with Barreto.
From a corner, however, Odafe flicked in a header and which in turn to clear from the box a George defender scored an own goal.
Bagan went into 1st half with a 1-0 lead.
Venkatesh was substituted with the beginning of the 2nd half by Chinmoy, adding to the woes of the spectators.
The game went on in its own pace as neither the George players could settle into the match nor the Bagan players took any initiative.
However mid-way into the 2nd half Bagan won a corner and the ball headed by Siddique was deflected by Barreto into the net.
Two goals ahead and Barreto's 12th of the League.
Then a goal keeping error saw Bagan another goal up. The George keeper, in his attempt to hit a goal kick, managed to hit James Singh who was just a few yards away from the penalty box. Taking control of the lose ball, he passed the ball to Lalam, whose failed attempt was picked up by Barreto from the top of the box who then drilled in the third.
Bagan could have got two more goals when Lalam after beautiful dodge rattled the post and another which found James on the top of the box with only the keeper to beat, but his slowness spelled his doom as George defenders pounced on him.
Bagan play the next match against Chirag Untd. on the 2nd October in the Salt Lake Stadium and the match starts around 3.00pm.
Mohun Bagan lead the league with 20 points from 8 matches.
Imran, Habibur(Ishfaq), Odafe, Siddique, Rauf(Rahul Kumar), Anit, Dharamjit, Venkatesh(Chinmoy), Dharamjit, Barreto, Puia

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bagan meet George Telegraph tomorrow!

Bagan tomorrow play their 1st of the 2nd leg matches againts George Telegraph. The match has been rescheduled following the request of all the three big clubs that they wil play their 2d leg matches after the 26th.
Bagan lead the League with 16 points from 7 matches.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bagan meet George Telegraph on the 26th! Douglas may join Bagan!

Bagan after being ousted from the Fed Cup in the semi final will resume their CFL campaign from the 26th of this month against George Telegraph. In the 1st leg they were held 1-1 by George with James Singh scoring a 65th minute equiliser to save Bagan from the blushes.
The National camp has beguns in Goa under the watchful eyes of Hougton who has done his part to raise India's FIFA ranking up to 145. Bhaichung along with Manju will be attaining the National Camp along with Lalampuia, the young promising Bagan striker who has got the National call!
Douglas, the probable 3rd foreigner for Bagan!
Douglas D' silva the brazilian who played for Bagan last season and scored the winner against East Bengal in the 2nd leg NFL match is rumored to be the 3rd foreigner for Bagan in the remainder of the CFL. He will be replacing Gaffari who has failed to impress the Bagan crowed inspite of his flashy begining.
According a new rule introduced by the IFA, the quota of foreingers for the remainder of the CFL will be three for any team.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bagan go down after a valiant fight!

Today Bagan bowed out of the Fed cup after a 3-2 defeat to their arch rivals. The match score line could well have been 4-3, a repetition of the previous derby score had lady luck been with Bagan.
Bagan drew the first blood through a Bhutia goal. Barreto took a right footer aiming Subrata Pal who blocked the ball only to fall to Bhaichung's feet, who placed the ball in.
After the goal, Bagan became complacent and let the reign off to East Bengal whose first possitive move in the 25th minute materialised as Surkumars grounder went into the net. Another Sangram Mukherjee special howler. 25 mins on the clock and all to play for.
The Bagan defence suddenly was fluandering in darkness and not a single EastBengal players marked as after playing a one-two Dipendu rolled in the second one. Sangram was a mere spectator. Two attempts on goal, and both goes in. Bagan down 2-1.
The remainder of the first half saw a very poor performance from Bagan.
After the second half started, Bagan attacked all out and digging thier own grave, Bagan players crowded the East Bengal penalty for a corner, and the defence totally out of place conceded another goal. Ashim scores. 1-3 the score.
Bagan stepped on the gas and with Lalkamal in place of Suman Dutta in the midfield and Lalampuia up front.
The Midfield was virtualy non-existant through out the match. Bagan missed the invaluable services of Venkatesh in the midfield today.
Long balls from Habibur, Odafe, James, Dharamjit kept feeding Bhutia and Barreto and one such long ball from Gaffari was met by Barreto, who headed the ball home.
Bagan still down 3-2.
After this what followed was a mere ill-luck and ill-refreeing. A ball from the left found Bhaichung in front of the goal with his marker. He back-heeled the ball past Subrata but he was pulled back for offside. As the replay showed, Bhaichung was in a on-side possition when the ball was passed nd was in line with the last defender when he scored.
Just when it seemed all is lost Lalam was set up beautifully by Bhaichung and after storming in, Lalam managed to hit the keeper on a one on one situation.
The entire second half was played in East Bengal's half and had the Bagan team been 100% fit and had the goalie been responsible enough, this should have been game, set and match for Bagan.
Team: Sangram, Odafe, Sanjeev, Rauf(Lalampuia), Habibur, Suman(Lalkamal), Gaffari, Dharamjit, James, Barreto, Bhaichung
Sangram: Hero turns to Villain.
The man who gave Bagan the Fed Cup last year, through saving penalties in 3 successive matches, made it sure this time round Bagan would not proceed to the Finals. In three successive matches in this Federation Cup, Sangram had put up a nightmare of a show and conceded goal as if there is no goalie at the goal. His poor form in the fed cup is a continuation of his horrible performance in the CFL this season. Even in the CFL, Sangram has conceded goals which are not expected from a goalie of his class. Next in line is Shilton Pal, who is young and is promising. Sangram was Bagan's first Keeper last season as Subrata Pal, the India keeper was pushed to the side lines.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Clash of the titans...again

Tomorrow Bagan play their Federation Cup semi final against their arch rivals East Bengal FC in Ludhiana. Twenty five days have just elapsed after the historic 4-3 Derby win for Bagan in the CFL and here they are again pitted against East Bengal. The Mohun Bagan team hotel has become a mini-hospital with players falling sick in turns. Though Bhutia and Barreto are still not 100% fit they might take the field tomorrow but the Bagan fans will most probably miss the services of Venkatesh who was the hero for the last Derby match. Bagan are ready for a tough battle and assistant coach Satyajit is confident about a possitive result. In another development, Dempo beat Churchil brothers 2-0 andstorm into the semis and are to face Mahindra Utd. Dempo has arguably the best striking combination with Ranty Martins upfront along with Edeh Chidi with Beto as the playmaker. Venkatesh: the hero of the last derby match might miss tomorrow's match.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

A sick Bagan side trample Viva Kerala!

Today an utterly unfit Bagan side trugged its way home convincingly. Bagan go into the semis after a 3-1 victory over Viva Kerala. The score line in no way interprets the game that was played this afternoon.
Bagan started off with Barreto who is suffering from food poisoning. The sick list is quite a long one. Dharamjit, Siddique, Lalkamal, Bhaichung are down with sickness and even the coach Periera is suffering from food poisoning. Dharamjit, the standing captain even though made it to the starting eleven had to be replaced by Ishfaq Ahmed in the first half.
Bagan opened their account in the 16th minute when a corner found Dharamjit on the left side of the goal and he crossed the ball across the goal to Odafe who headed the ball goal-wards but was deflected by the goalie only to find Barreto's reaching left leg. Bagan 1 goal up.
A very ugly performance ensued probably due to the fact the most of the players were not well.
A standing football was all that Bagan midfield had to offer as James Singh, Dharamjit and Gaffari all stood their ground and made long passes and that too of no vail.
With the inclusion of Ishfaq Ahmed a some sense of urgency was seen and as one such long balls was played, Ishfaq dashed in between two defenders and snatching the ball, chipped in a right footer. His first goal for Bagan in a major tournament.
However, the half was not without its share of scares as the defence was found flat footed on two occasions ans Anit Ghosh, in place of Siddique went missing from his possitions as Viva Kerala's strikers could not make the most of those chances.
With the second half, Bagan's lethargic play intensified and the defence was a mere spectator as Viva Kerala after stringing together 4 to 5 passes out side the penalty area took a shot at the goal and Sangram, having no clue as to whrer he was standing and where his goal is dived backwards only to finfd the ball in the net. After the goal Viva Kerala stepped up and threatened the Bagan defence on a number of occasions but Odafe stood tall.
However a ball from the right out from James, found Lalam facing the goalie and he deftly guided the ball home increasing the lead to 2 goals again.
Not much action followed as Bagan played the time out but Bagan could have ended the match on a high as a Barreto pass found Gaffari on the top of the six-yard box only the goalie to beat and he hit the keeper's face. the score remained 3-1.
However, near the end, Sanjeev Maria was introduced for the first time this seson for Bagan in place of Habibur. He seemed fit enough to be played in a few days time.
Suman Dutta, who was fielded in place of Rauf Khan, played a vital role in the midfield today with most of the players off-colour.
Bagan meet East Bengal in the Semi Final on the 11th of September at 7pm IST.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Bagan meet Viva Kerala tomorrow! Bhaichung may not play!

Bagan tomorrow play Viva Kerala in their quarter final match. In the 1st Quarter final today Mahindra won the match against Sporting Clube de Goa on penalties.
Bagan faced Viva Kerala last time in the last Fed Cup. That was the opener where Bagan thumped 4 goals. Tomorrow the scenario is different. Viva Kerala which is one of the National league teams have alread beaten Air India 2-1 in the previous match and they are on a high and will try to put their best foot forward.
However, the frown on Periera's forehead is ever so increasing. First, the unpleasing performance of the team in the first match against ONGC and now the Bagan skipper, Bhaichung Bhutia is down with fever. He did not practice with the team today however an earnest attempt will be made to field Bhaichung failing which Lalampuia, who has received a call from the National Camp will start off with Barreto.
Tomorrow Bagan's match is scheduled to be held at 4.00 pm IST followed by the match between JCT and Kingfisher East Bengal.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Bagan wrest past ONGC

Bagan seemed to have started off from where they had left against Mohd. Sp. in the CFL. 90 mins of listless football and then 30 mins of Extra time, that is what it took the star studded Bagan side to go past ONGC.
Bagan started off pretty well though with Venkatesh missing 5 chances of within the openening 10 mins. Though Bagan pressed on they could not create enough chances and Rajat Ghoshdastidar was a hard nut to crack under the ONGC bar. The Barreto-Bhaichung combination also seemed impontent as clearly Bhaichung needs to work with the team.
An uncharacteristic error from Rajat saw Bagan winning a corner on the 32nd minute. Lalkamal took a poor low corner aiming an ONGC defender, who in his attempt to clear miscued the ball into the goal. A pretty hard goal to score though from that angle. Bagan 1-0 up on the 32nd minute.
ONGC stepped on the gas and Bagan socked on the attacks spear-headed by Tarif Ahmed, the Indian striker, for the rest of the half with occasional Bagan attacks.
The Second Half saw no difference in Bagan's approach as aimless football ensued from both the teams.
The game more or less was based on unproductive penetrations by the Bagan players and ONGC's counter attacks being foiled by Odafe and Siddique.
Gaffari seemed to have found a groove in the team as a role of a playmaker as well as blocker taking a lot of load in the midfield and thus facilitating Ventakesh to move up and play 3 strikers for Bagan.
On the 61st minute Bagan made a twin substution as Dharamjit and Lalkamal was brought out and Ishfaq Ahmed and James Singh was introduced. The inclusion of these fresh pairs of legs made no diffrence as Bagan just did not look like scoring a goal.
Taking the advantage, the ONGC midfield made a penetrative pass to Jatin Singh Bhisht on the roght flank, who moving inwards let fly a left footer from out side the box the scorcher found the back of the net after passing under Sangram's armpits. 1-1, 81st minute.
The deadlock continued for the next 10 minutes and thus ensuring the first extra time play of the tournament this time.
The first 15 mins saw Bagan on the attack with Bhaichung Bhutia with a stunning back volley which missed the goal by a whisker.
The second half of extra time saw Bagan go through to the next round. Barreto made a patent move on the left flank as he dodged past the ONGC defender who tackled him only to give Bagan a free kick just outside the penalty box on the lft flank. James placed a inswinging lob which Barreto headed home. Bagan put in the winner and after the goal the match continued as aimless as earlier.
Bagan play their next Match against Viva Kerala on the 9th. Last time Bagan met Viva Kerala was in the last Fed Cup and Bagan dumped Viva Kerala 4-1.

Team: Sangram, Habibur[Lalawm], Siddique, Odafe, Rauf, Dharamjit[Isfaq], Gaffari, Venkatesh, Lalkamal[James], Barreto, Baichung(C)

Bagan meet ONGC in Fed Cup opener

Today Bhaichung and his boys in Green n Maroon play against ONGC, Mumbai in their Fed Cup opener in Ludhiana. They are not taking the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation team very lightly because even they have some good players. The match kicks off at 7.00pm IST and will have telecast on Zee sports channel.
Probable 11:
Sangram, Habibur, Odafe, Siddique, Rauf, Dharamjit, Venkatesh, Lalkamal, James, Barreto, Bhaichung

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Team Bagan leave for Ludhiana!

Bagan Coach Periera today left for Ludhiana with his 20 men squad. They play their 1st match against ONGC, Mumbai on the 6th of September. The will have Live Telecast on Zee Sports chanel from 6.30pm IST.
The Final team that left today looked like this...
Sangram [GK], Shilton [GK], Habibur, Subhasish, Siddique, Odafe, Rauf, Chinmoy, Sanjeev Maria, Anit Ghosh, Suman, Lalkamal, Dharamjit, James, Venkatesh, Gaffari, Isfaq, Lalawmpuia, Barreto, Bhaichung(C)

The Fed Cup team announced!

The 19 man squad has declared and Manju who was supposed to be the squad has missed out due tto injury along with Sanjeev Maria and Deepak Mondal for the same reason. Gobin who also was expected to make the squad also missed as Carlos Periera reason he needs more time to adapt to the players The team* : Sangram, [GK] Shilton, [GK] Habibur, Subhasish, Siddique, Odafe, Rauf, Chinmoy, Anit Ghosh, Suman, Lalkamal, Dharamjit, James, Venkatesh, Gaffari, Isfaq, Lalawmpuia Barreto, Bhaichung(C), *Source:

Monday, September 3, 2007

Manju injured, out of Fed Cup!

In the Bagan practice today Manju was injured thought not critically near his right groin and will be out of Bagan's Fed Cup campaign. Hewas escorted to Dr. Pathak after the practice and was adiviced complete rest for the next two weeks. As a result it is clear that he will not be able to participate in the Fed Cup and Bagan will certainly miss the services of an India playing defender in the absence of Dipak Mondal(another India playing defender) and also at a time when Sanjeev Maria is not fully fit. The three India playing defenders were supposed to be the three pillars in the Bagan defence but the unavailibity of Dipak and Manju will be a huge upset. Manju who will miss the Fed Cup said , "It obviously feels bad...I wish Bagan will perform well..." However Manju wil be replaced by Chinmoy Sarkar in the Squad and Peter Siddique moves into the staring eleven. Today was Jose Ramirez Barreto's 31st Barreto and the Green and Maroon group did what it could, to make Barreto's day special day. Cake was cut and Baerreto celebrated his Birthday with the club fans. Yesterday was Sanjeev Maria's birthday, so even his birthday was celebrated in style in the club premises along with Barreto.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Bagan play practice match against George Telegraph!

Bagan today played their practice match against George Telegraph before leaving for the Fed Cup and won the match 3-1.
Gaffari, Gobin and Ayan scored for Bagan and Bagan conceded one goal as Manju missed one ball leaving Sangram on a one on one situation who could not keep a clean sheet.
Bhaichung and Barreto did not feature in the playing 11.
Gaffari seemed slow in his tracks but was in good touch and scored a good goal.Gobin played as striker and was satisfactory.
Bagan leave on Tuesday.

MOHUN BAGAN ATHLETIC CLUB-The National club of India

A Short History:

MOHUN BAGAN AC-The National club of India, the oldest Club in Asia,
was established on 15th August 1889 when India was up in arms against her collonial head, England.

Eversince its establishment the Club had been winning a lot of local leagues and cups but the moment of greatness that surpasses all came in the year 1911 when Mohun Bagan AC became the first Indian club/team to defeat the foreigners in their own game of football.

On 29th of July 1911 Mohun Bagan won the IFA shield beating East Yorkshire 2-1. Eversince there has been no stopping!

The club has won and keeps on winning many a laurel for the country! It has made our Nation Proud!

According to FIFA rankings, in Asia, Mohun Bagan is the 16th biggest team to have an avg. home crowd of 19,888. According to World standards, Mohun Bagan has been ranked of 127 much ahead of other big clubs like Udinese(Italy), Benfica(Portugal) and Fulham(England) to mention a few.

It is however,not an easy task to consolidate the history of a club which is more than 117 years old*...(read more...)

*For Further Info:Please visit The Offical site of MAC: History section please open in a New Window

Location: Kolkata Maidan
Green and Maroon
Symbol: Sail Boat

Stadium: Mohun Bagan ground
Yuva Bharati Krirangan

MOHUN BAGAN AC- It's not just a club, it is an institution, a religion, a passion. LIVE IT...DIE FOR IT...

A Pictorial trip of the Mohun Bagan Ground!

Satellite Imagery of our Club Ground!*
*Open in a New Window please.
Images of Yuva Bharati Krirangan*
*Open in a New Window please.

Photos by: Soumyadeb Sinha
Photos by: Soumyadeb Sinha


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