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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mohun Bagan: Paris, here We come!

Mohun Bagan under 13 team is training hard under Amiya Ghosh to participate in the final rounds of the Yakult Danone Cup to be held in Paris. The only problem he is facing some days is availability of ground for practice since MB ground is shared by Mohun Bagan and CCFC and in days when Mohun Bagan team plays its premier league matches in afternoon, the young brigade cannot practice in morning as it will worsen ground condition. Other than this, Amiya Ghosh is working extremely hard...(Read More)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Did Karim manhandle the referee?

After the goalless draw against Port Trust, it was alleged that Karim charged at the Linesman.
Everybody saw Coach Karim Bencharifa charging down towards the Linesman with an open fist in the match against Port Trust on 22nd July when Barreto was ruled offside in the second half. Almost all media alleged that Karim was trying to force his decision upon the linesman and that he had instigated the crowd against the referee !!! Coach Karim Bencharifa himself explains what exactly had happened during that moment, and how grossly wrong the media men were ! Read More

Bagan Ratna awarded to Sattar!

Mohun Bagan AC celebrated the Mohun Bagan Day on the 29th of July in the club premises and just like ach year, Bagan presented the Mohun Bagan Ratna this year to M.A. Sattar. Bhaichung Bhutia, the INdian and Mohun Bagan skipper was honoured for receiving the Padma Shree award by a memento and which was received by his better half, ,Madhuri on his behalf as Bhaichung is busy reperesenting India! India, however won their match against Afghanisthan today by a solitary goal which came at the last minute of the match through Climax Lawrance!
To read more about Mohun Bagan Day 2008 click here!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Mohun Bagan Day!

29th July 1911 was the historic day, the day Indian football was born, the day Mohun Bagan represented the whole of India and fought a unequal battle with the Britishers on the football ground in the IFA shield Final! 11 bare foot Mohun Bagan players defeated the Britishers in their won game of football to become the first Indian team ever to win a Tournament!
To commemorate this fateful day, the Indian Govt. honoured Mohun Bagan Ac with the title of the National Club of India.
To Mohun Bagan fans, 29th of July is the Mohun Bagan day, celebrating the dream victory of the 11 mortals in the Immortal Green and Maroon jersey, who attained Immortality from this very day!
This is the 96th Anniversary of the Mohun Bagan day!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Bagan go down 2-1

CFL 2008-09 had its second big match between Mohd. Sporting and Mohun Bagan AC at the Salt Lake Stadium. Mohun were on 10 points from 4 matches and Mohd. Sporting on 9 points from same number of matches!
The match started off with Mohd. Sporing Theodore Sunday posing a threat to Bagan defense along with Mike Okoro. Mohun Bagan started playing attacking football upfront but seemed in a loss of ideas in the midfield and blocking was totally missing as Mohd. Sporting movements saw them menacing the Bagan defense on a number of occasions and somehow it seemed the usually composed Mohun Bagan defense was suffering from panic attacks and both Odafe and Vasan making unwanted frantic clearances and picking up the lose balls Mohd. Sporting started gaining momentum. 22nd minutes in, the referee pointed to the Bagan penalty spot awarding Mohd. Sporting a spot kick when Odafe went for a lounging tackle on a goal-bound Theo and Odafe managed to take Theo off the ground inside the box! Thoedore scored off the penalty to give Mohd. Sporting an early lead. Bagan tried to pull their strings together through out the half, but some how Bagan could not create as many chances as Karim would have liked. Barreto found himself out numbered upfront and Mohd. Sp. tightened their grip and came very close to scoring second during the end of the half.
Second half saw a different Mohun Bagan as they turned the table and started attacking Mohd. Sp. and mostly the game was played in the Mohd. half. Come the 56th minute, Lalkamal played in a ball to Barreto, who moving out to the right sent in a ball for Mama who he flicked in a ball across the face of the goal to Lalampuia, who just nudged it in. After the equaliser, Bagan piled on the pressure and created many chances which they failed to convert. A Barreto header off a Naveen Kumar center, was saved by Naseem Akhtar. Few minutes later, a Lalampuia header, again off a Naveen Kumar center, rattled the bar.
Just when it seemed the two teams would split the point, sheer ill-luck saw Bagan concede a goal with just 4 seconds left on the watch from a counter attack by Mohd. Sp. Vimal Pariyar chased a ball and what seemed to be a back pass from Mohunraj to Sangram, was out of the keeper's reach and rolled into the Bagan net!
Team: Sangram, Odafe, Vasan, Habibur(Naveen Kumar), Mohunraj, Lalramluaha(Tapan Maity), Lalkamal, James Singh, Malsauwm Tulunga, Barreto, Lalampuia

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Big date postponed!

Due to some problems, match dates have been pushed further back. Mohun Bagan were to meet George Telegraph on the 31st of this month, and the "big date" for the Kolkata derby was decided on the 3rd of August. Yesterday IFA decided that the dates for Mohun Bagan - George match has been pushed to 2nd of August, while Mohun Bagan meet East bengal FC on the 5th of August!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ishfaq out of action for 2 weeks! Mohunraj to sign!

Ishfaq Ahmed, the Kashmiri forward, who came to Mohun Bagan last year from Dempo, has found a new lease of life in Bagan and from the beginning of this season, Ishfaq has not failed to impress the specialists and the innumerable mariners. He played a distinguishing role in the Bayern Munich match and he continued his outstanding form in the Santosh Trophy few weeks back held in Kashmir and scored some important goals for his team! In the CFL, under the coaching of Karim Bencherifa, he has found a new role, that of a left winger and no doubt he has been playing a key role in the Bagan midfield. He has undoubtedly developed into a play-maker for Bagan and has been the provider for most of the goals. However after his impressive run in the first three matches, which Bagan winning scoring 3 goals on each ocassion, Isfaq during one of the practice sessions last week had injured himself and after consulting with the doctor, Ishfaq has been advised to stay off the pitch for atleast 2 weeks! Bagan midfield will certainly miss the pace with Ishfaq sitting out but the Bagan coach Karim is more than confident about his teams performance even without Ishfaq.

Mohunraj to sign for Mohun Bagan!
Mohunraj, the promising U19 footballer of Mohun Bagan, who gave the Bagan left back some much wanted solidarity in the last I-League has returned to India few days back after his stint as the India U-19 captain in Malaysia and has already joined practice under Karim for Mohun Bagan. The promising left back will certainly come into the side much to the relief of the Bagan fans who were not happy with the performance of either Sanjoy Boro or Suman Bose in the possition! Bagan officials are keen on getting over with the formalities and are trying to field him against Mohd. Sporting on the 27th. The match was supposed to be held on Sunday, 26th of July, but has been shifted to Monday, 28th July!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bagan rue missed chances against Port!

Bagan after their invincible run for three matches, today stumbled against Port Trust as the two teams played a goal less draw at the Mohun Bagan ground. Even though the match saw no goals, yet Mohun Bagan came close to scoring on a number of occasions but just could not find the back of the net! Bagan front line with Lalam and Barreto seemed impotent and the Bagan midfield, devoid of Isfaq, seemed like a sad story with a series of disjointed episodes and captain Lalkamal Bhoumick did not help much to the team's cause as his number of miss passes are increasing with each passing match!
With the beginning of the match, Bagan created few chances through Barreto, Malsauwm Tulunga, but failed to go ahead! Bagan had maintained the pressure till the first 25 minutes! But slowly and steadily Port started coming up with a reformed performance! Though Bagan had the upper hand, yet Port gave Bagan pressure in regular intervals! Into the half the two teams went with the Port defense standing tall to deny Bagan forwards!
With the Second half commencing, Karim brought in Lalram Luaha, another U-19 player, with Suman Bose already in the first eleven. The easiest of all chances for Bagan in the match embraced Lalram Luaha within minutes of his arrival, but the young Manipuri was not ready. The chance went begging. Bagan even though had the lion's share of possession and dominated the movements through out the match, was limted to the outside of the 18 yard box of the opposition! Even in the last quarter, Barreto, Branco, Lalram and Lalkamal tried their best to score, but the Port Custodian stood stern! Odafe did come up and tried a few of his headers but to no effect as he lacked direction!
Bagan ended the match goalless with 10 points from 4 matches!
Team : Sangram, Odafe, Anand, Habibur, Suman(Naveen), Lalkamal, Sr. James, Jr. James(Lalram Luha), Tulunga, Barreto, Lalampuia(Branco)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Mama's world class hattrick derail Railway FC

The goal fiesta for Mohun Bagan continued in their third match as Malsawm Tulunga banged in with the second hattrick of the CFL 08-09 after Barreto! Three world class goals ensured Karim three consecutive wins in the CFL!
The match opened up with Bagan having the apparent upper hand as Railway FC had no foreign recruits in their side. Mohun Bagan, wasting no time started attacking early and created lot of scoring chances in the first quarter with Lalampuia and Barreto coming very close to scoring on two occasions. However, the Bagan fans had to wait till the 38th minute to rejoice as their team went ahead through an agile Malsaum Tulunga, a.k.a Mama! Jr. James played a ball to Barreto, which he flicked over the defence and Mama breaking away from the pack, beating the offside trap, guided the ball past the Rail custodian, who came crashing into Mama.
Mohun Bagan, after the first goal, kept up the tempo and tried to extend the lead further. Bagan earned a corner in the 43rd minute and from the corner, Odafe headed the ball goal wards and Mama, emerged out of thin air to deflect the ball in. 43rd minute, Bagan two goals infront!
Railway tried their best to stage a come-back in the next half, but Odafe and Anand Vasan did their best to deny the Rail forwards to take a clear crack at the goal, where a confident Sangram stood his ground!
Bagan coach made few substituions in the later stage and brought in Branco Cardozo in place of Lalampuia, and given the opportunity, the young TFA striker did not fail to impress! From an apparent counter-attack, Branco whipped in a million dollar cross for Mama, who on the run threw him up in the air to take a scorcher off his right foot and completed his hattrick!
Malsaum Tulunga had failed to impress in the first match when he came in as a substitute, but Karim showing confidence in him, featured in the starting 11 today and he proved he still has a lot to give to Indian football after his successful career at East Bengal!
Jr. James, another TFA recruit played quite well for his first full time appearance for Mohun Bagan too! He was brought in place of Sr. James! Given the time and exposure, certainly he would a player to look out for!
Another TFA player was fielded today by the name of Nakken Kumar, a young right out and his long over lapping runs from the right back possition certainly demands praise! He came in place of Odafe during the later stages!
Mohun Bagan now top the chart with 9 points off 3 matches with an amazing feat of 9 goals!
Team: Sangram, Odafe(Naveen), Anand, Habibur, Suman, Ishfaq, Jr. James, Lalkamal, Barreto, Lalampuia(Branco)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Barreto hattrick takes Mohun Bagan past Chirag Utd!

Just when the critics were making themselves heard about the fitness of Barreto and why he has not been able to make a mark in the CFL thus far and whether he would be able to make a comeback after the grueling off field controversy, Jose Ramirez Barreto made his presence felt with a thunder!
Mohun Bagan found it hard to start off their attacking football against Chirag in the slushy condition and till the first quarter of the match it was more or less an even contest, until Barreto came up with his magic wand to put Bagan upfront. He played a ball to the left and Ishfaq made a run before centering a minus into the box and Barreto met the ball with his right footer and placed it in. 25mins into the match, Bagan 1-0. Though Chirag came close to scoring on an occasion through their new Argentinean recruit Maxi Milliano, the two teams went into the half with just one goal between them and with Bagan a series of miss passes behind them.
When the second half resumed it was evident, the reason for so many miss passes. There was an apparent "kit clash" between the Bagan and Chirag players with both teams wearing dark outfits on a cloudy day. Bagan came out in their predominantly White Royal Jersey and began playing from where they had left in the Peerless. Midfield working hard and defence supporting well. Within minutes of restart, Ishfaq Ahmed sent in a perfect in swinging cross from the left and Barreto met it precisely with a header to send it past the keeper! 54mins, Mohun Bagan 2-0.
It seemed like Chirag had lost the flow of the game somewhere as Bagan put forward waves of attack and from one such moves, again Ishfaq Ahmed, certainly the play maker in both the matches, who had by now started changing flanks, now from right sent in a low cross and Barreto, who found the ball at the top of the box, descended upon the slushy Mohun Bagan ground as if God Himself as he just stood there amidst three Chirag defenders and placed the ball past the diving keeper with supreme ease and confidence. 58 mins Mohun Bagan 3-0 in front. Barreto scores his hattrick, his first hattrick for Mohun Bagan in CFL!
However after the third goal it seemed Bagan became a bit complacent and as it started to rain in buckets, Chirag found the back of the net in the 70th minute!
Minutes later, Chirag players started appealing for bad light and as such it was, no doubt. The Match was paused for around 5 mins and a possible abandonment was on the contemplation, before it was restarted much to the relief of the Bagan fans!
The Match ended thus, 3-1 and the moment the final whistle was blown Kolkata was washed away by a torrential rain, as if Mother Nature awaited for Mohun Bagan and the million Mariners who were frantic to see the match off and Bagan go home with their deserving 3 points!
Team: Sangram, Rahul, Odafe, Vasan, Habibur, James(Jr. James), Lalkamal, Sanjoy, Isfaq, Barreto, Lalawmpuia(Branco)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bagan boys on Zidane date

Mohun Bagan juniors set up a date with soccer legend Zinedine Zidane in Paris in September when they won the inaugural Yakult Danone Nations Cup at the Ambedkar Stadium on Saturday. On a pitch where their seniors had won 15 Durand Cup titles, the Under-12 Mohun Bagan boys, coached by Amiyo Ghosh, defeated Sikkim Football Academy 3-2 via the tie-breaker. The 20 minutes of stipulated time ended 1-1 after the Calcutta side was pushed to a corner by their rivals. As per the tournament rules, the champions of the Indian leg will travel to the French capital in September to play in the world finals. Zidane, the brand ambassador of the tournament, will be present during the finals. Mohun Bagan juniors, who were last-minute entrants after Mumbai FC withdrew from the tournament, dazzled throughout the meet except the final. In the semi-final, they outplayed Delhi’s Hindustan Football Academy 4-0 with goals from Subhrojit Das (2), Subhendu Narain Das and Anubrata Maity. While all the matches were of 15 minutes duration, the final was of 20 minutes, separated by a five-minute break. Bagan took the lead through Anubrata Maity before Bibek Bhutia equalised for the Sikkim side. The hero of the day, however, was goalkeeper Saikat Das. A great fan of Oliver Khan, the custodian from Kalyani made three spectacular saves in the shootout to give Mohun Bagan the title. In the tie-breaker, Maity, Subhendu Narain Das and Tarun Sarkar scored for the winners while Sonam Lepcha and Karma Dorji Lepcha struck for Sikkim. “It is a great win,” said coach Ghosh later. “We had only three days to practice before coming here. Yet we outplayed all the teams.” The players will be felicitated at a function in Calcutta on July 29, said a senior Bagan official.

Baichung sizzles in all-star match!

Mohun Bagan captain Baichung Bhutia sizzled on a starry night with a spectacular brace in the 'Goal 4 Africa' charity match between two all-star international teams at the Allianz Arena.
Playing for the 'Edu' team under the captaincy of Dutch star Clarence Seedorf in number 30 white jersey, Baichung scored in the 28th and 68th minutes, though for a lost cause as the Michael Ballack-led 'Cation' side won the match 9-6 at the Bayern Munich home ground late Saturday night.
The match, the first event of a two-year programme aimed at raising 90 million Euros and inspired by Nobel laureate Nelson Mandela's dream of 'Education for all – all for education', however, lost much of the sheen with several top international stars missing out of it.
Brazilian stars Kaka and Ronaldo, Dutch striker Ruud van Nistelrooy, England midfielder Steven Gerrard and Ivory Coast striker Didier Drogba did not turn up, nor were there Samuel Eto'o, Michael Essien, Emanuel Adebayor, Paolo Maldini and Andrea Shevchenko who were listed to play in the match.
Arsenal's Robin van Persie, AC Milan goalkeeper Nelson Dida, Dutch star Mark van Bommel, Italian World Cup winner Gennaro Gattuso and Bayern Munich's Ze Roberto were the few big names besides Ballack and Seedorf.
Bayern coach and former German striker Jurgen Klinsmann and former Brazilian star Zico kicked off the match in the absence of all-time greats Pele and Michael Platini.
Playing alongside some of the best in the business, Baichung, who played the entire duration of the match, was in the thick of action as early as the fourth minute but his shot went straight to Dida. Another shot in the 24th minute from a one-to-one with Formula One legend Michael Schumacher produced the same result.
The Mohun Bagan and Indian captain, who came here from Portugal where his national team is undergoing a training-cum-exposure tour, was fouled by Gattuso in the 12th and 14th minutes and Seedorf missed from the resultant free kick from the latter.
In the 28th minute, Baichung made the scoreline 3-3 with a beauty of a goal. He coolly chested down a Nigel de Jong aerial pass from the left and blasted a first time left-footed half volley and Dida had no chance of stopping it.
Towards the half time, Baichung got a couple of chances but failed to find the target.
First in the 38th minute, he could not beat Dida after being fed by Schumacher and a minute later his right footer on the run from another fine pass from the German ballooned inches over the near post.
Three minutes after the changeover, Seedorf fed Baichung on the clear and the Mohun Bagan striker's right footer beat the substitute goalkeeper Kasey Keller but missed the upright by inches.
Baichung also initiated Schumacher's only goal of the match in the 64th minute with the Sikkimese Sniper sending a defence-splitting pass to Seedorf who set up the German to tap the ball into the net.
Four minutes later, Seedorf was alone with the opposition goalkeeper and the Dutch star, instead of scoring himself, sent a parallel pass to Baichung who had all the time in the world to just tap the ball into an empty net for his second goal. Report by: Sify News List of Players invited for the GOAL 4 AFRICA match and their respective Clubs: Clarence Seedorf (AC Mailand) Kaká (AC Mailand)
Alessandro Nesta (AC Milan)
Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus Turin)
Steven Gerrard (FC Liverpool)
Ruud van Nistelrooy (Real Madrid)
Adebayor (Arsenal)
Dida (AC Milan)
Maldini (AC Milan)
Gattuso (AC Milan)
Ronaldo (AC Milan)
Zé Roberto (FC Bayern)
Didier Drogba (FC Chelsea)
Andrea Pirlo (AC Milan)
Robin van Persie (Arsenal London)
Andrea Shevchenko (FC Chelsea)
Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid)
Baichung Bhutia (Mohun Bagan)
Diego (Werder Bremen)
Samuel Etoó (FC Barcelona)
Benni Mc Carthy (Blackburn)
Christopher Veijeany Samba (Blackburn)
Michael Essien (FC Chelsea)
Tony Sylva (Lille)
Ronald Zubar (Marsiglia)
Shaun Bartlett (Kaizer Chiefs)
Kaizer Motaung jr. (Kaizer Chiefs)
Naldo (Werder Bremen)
Edgar Davids (Ajax Amsterdam)
Michael Ballack (FC Chelsea)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

FIFA President Sepp Blatter's open letter to Mohun Bagan AC!

Today, the FIFA President, Sepp Blatter's letter reached the Mohun Bagan office appologizing for his inability to preside over the U-17 International Tournament that MBSFA is about to hold in a few months time. Mohun Bagan on behalf of MBSFA had sent out an invitation to the FIFA President, Sepp Blatter to attend the U-17 International Tournament. But Blatter today sent Bagan a letter where he appologized for his unavailibilty during the tournament but he has given words to the Bagan officials to help them in every need and also has asked the AIFF to build a synthetic turf for footballing purpose within the MBSFA premises before the upcoming U-17 Tournament.
This is the first incident of its type in India when the FIFA president has sent a letter to a particular individual club. Certainly something to be proud of for the mariners!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Mohun Bagan U-12 team in Semis of Yakult Danone Nations Cup!

The Mohun Bagan U-12 team or better known as the Bagan Nursery Team which managed an invitation in the Yakult Danone Nations Cup, are playing in the priliminary stage held in the Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Stadium, Delhi, stormed their way to the Semis.
The teams in the 9 a side tournament were divided amongst 4 Groups, each group having 3 teams. Mohun Bagan was in the Group-D along with Rohit Football Acdemy, Cuttak, Orissa and Tata Football Academy.
Mohun Bagan met Rohit Football Academy, Cuttak, Orissa in their first match and the young Green and Maroon bridage trampled the Orissa side 4-0 in a non-stop 15 mins match!
In the second match against Tata Football Academy, Bagan pull off another straight win. The score card read 3-0 in Mohun Bagan's favour!
Mohun Bagan U-12 have moved in to the Semi Finals of the tournament and tomorrow they meet Hindusthan Football Academy,Delhi at 6.30pm IST.

Mohun Bagan upbeat about Gill's invitation to Real Madrid!

Upbeat at the Sports Minister MS Gill's idea of bringing European football giants Real Madrid to Kolkata, Mohun Bagan said they were looking forward to the occasion.
"I'm very excited to hear this that Gill proposed to bring Real Madrid to Kolkata. The city being the heart of Indian football will look forward to play another memorable match," said Mohun Bagan general secretary Anjan Mitra.
Mohun Bagan had earlier hosted Bundesliga club Bayern Munich in Oliver Kahn's swansong match in May 27. "It's was overwhelming to know that Gill was happy for the Bayern Munich match. I'm hopeful about the Real Madrid of and it will help the city footballers learn something from the international stars," he added.
Gill on Wednesday disclosed that he met the Real Madrid boss during the Wimbledon final in London last week and explored on the idea of bringing the star-studded team to Kolkata.
News Courtesy : India

Mohun Bagan starts CFL campaign in style!

Mohun Bagan today played their season opener against Peerless SC in the Bagan home ground and quite to the expectations and joy of the million mariners, Karim's boys pulled out a white wash on Peerless!
The match opened up with a 46th Second goal from the promising Lalampuia, who tapped in a ball from an Odafe throw-in from the left.
Peerless tried to settle down after the early jolt but Bagan piled on the pressure! However the inevitable happened and Bagan extended their lead to 2-0 in the 14th minute through Lalampuia again. A Magical defence splitting ball from Ishfaq found Lalampuia take an acurate right footer as the ball squeed between the first post and the advancing keeper.
Ishfaq did well to lift Bagan's midfield as he kept feeding Barreto and Lalam with quality balls. However, the Peerless keeper came up with two excellent saves later in the half as he denied a Barreto header and a Lalkamal scorcher. The first half was totally dominated by Bagan and as the teams left for the lemon break, the ball possession was 70-30 in Bagan's favour.
Peerless came out in the second half with a purpose and looked to try the Bagan defence. But Odafe and Anand Vasan did all they could to ensure a clean sheet for Sangram though honestly Bagan defence, has to be said, was not tested at all. The second half was more of the battle of the midfield and Lalam with Barreto upfront tried to get this first hattrick!
Lalam though found a couple of half chances coming his way, couldnot achieve the goal of a hattrick and was later replaced by Branco Cardozo, the promising TFA striker! After in inclusion, Bagan's lead extended to 3-0 as he scored off a lovely inswinging ball from Barreto, which deceived the keeper. Branco jabbed the cross in but a Peerless defender was present for a goal line save. Branco followed his ball wonderfully and made sure as he pushed the lose ball in.
Malsaumtulunga, who came into the side with much expectations from the Bagan fans, was introduced in the later part of the second half replacing Rahul Kumar, but he failed to make any contribution and did not impress as he was caught out numbered on the flank on a number of occassions!
The only hitch however was that Barreto received a yellow card and he will have to watch his way in the next matches!
After the match, however, Karim Bencherifa commented that he is happy with the way the team performed as his team put up a satisfactory effort and won convincingly!
Team: Sangram, Rahul Kumar[Malsaumtulunga], Odafe, Anand Vasan, Habibur, James Singh, Lalkamal, Sanjoy Boro(U19)[Suman(U19)], Isfaq, Barreto, Lalawmpuia[Branco]

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

TFA players unsure for season opener!

Mohun Bagan play their season opener against Peerless SC and with just one day to spare they are faced with a critical problem. The 8 TFA players who have signed for Bagan this season are yet to receive their Inter-state-clearance from Jharkhand. Without the clearance they cannot be featured by Karim in the first match. Hence he might have to go with the others. Certainly that will be a difficulty! Bagan officials are trying hard to get hold of the clearance by tomorrow.
IFA XI go down 1-0!
Today IFA XI featuring 8 Bagan players met East Bengal in the Arun Ghosh Benefit match and on a rain washed day in Kolkata, IFA XI went down 1-0 through a Mehetab Hussain goal. Mohun Bagan presented a Gift Cheque of Rs. 20,000/- and Jose Ramirez Barreto gave an mount of 2,00,000/- on his behalf!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

CFL 2008-09 Fixture declared!

1st Leg
11.07.08 - Peerless
15.07.08 - Chirag Utd
18.07.08 - Raiways FC
22.07.08 - Port Trust
26.07.08 - Mohammedan Sporting
31.07.08 - George Telegraph
03.08.08 - East Bengal FC
2nd Leg
08.08.08 - Peerless
11.08.08 - Chirag Utd.
14.08.08 - Railway FC
18.08.08 - Port Trust
23.08.08 - Mohammedan Sporting
27.08.08 - George Telegraph
31.08.08 - East Bengal FC

8 Mariners to represent IFA XI against East Bengal!

IFA XI is going to meet East Bengal FC in a Benifit Match for Arun Ghosh tomorrow. IFA XI will represented by 8 Bagan players viz Jose Ramirez Barreto(captain), Lalram Luaha, Kartik Kisku, Chiradeep Chatterjee, Rino Antao, Karan Atwal, Tapan Maity and Malsamzuala.

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Bagan ground receives fit certificate for Local League!

Today Kolkata Police granted the Mohun Bagan's Maidan ground fit as Bagan's home ground for holding the Kolkata Football League. KP is impressed with the new fencing that has been constructed and the seating arrangement and condition of the galleries also satisfied the officials.
However, Bagan's demand to hold the I League matches at the Club ground was looked into by the AIFF and they have informed Bagan that they need to repair their flood lights at the club ground in order to be eligible for a hosting I league ties. Bagan secretary Anjan Mitra had approached the Government of Bengal on this issue but had been denied at the first instant as the cost of repairing the flood lights amount to 3 crores. Bagan secretary claims that the maintenance of the flood lights is the responsibility of PWD(Public Works Dept.) and so the Govt should be held liable for the repairs of the same.

Mohun Bagan Day Schedule Announced!

Mohun Bagan Athletic Club was established in the year 1889. It is the first-ever Indian Club to have won the IFA Shield defeating East Yorkshire Regiment by 2-1 on 29th July 1911 to create history and make the whole world sit up and take notice of the Indian struggle for freedom against imperial Britain. The Government of India released a postage stamp in 1989 to commemorate this famous victory and to honour the Club and it's Immortal Eleven for the fight for an oppressed country. This is the only postage stamp in India based on a Club. The Club was also declared as the “National Soccer Club of India”.
29th July is a Red-letter Day in Indian History and a great day for the Club as well and is celebrated as Mohun Bagan Day each year. To commemorate this great victory we would be organizing three exhibition matches at our Club ground. The first match would be between our Junior Team and an invitation junior team starting from 1 pm. The second match would be between Calcutta Sports Journalists Club and Artists’ Forum. The third match would be between Ex-players of the Club.
This will be followed by a cultural function in the evening.

A Pre - Season Analysis 2008-09(

The Mariners are all set to roll the ball from the 11th of this month... and we are all waiting to throng the club ground in numbers from the very start. All of us are quite anxious to see how the new boys perform under their new illustrious coach - Karim Bencharifa ! Bagan started off the transfer season on a bright note by roping in 12 of the most promising youngsters of the Nation, 8 from TFA and 4 from MBSFA. Karim, who is famous to yield gold from newly sown seeds...Read More. Source: Mohun Bagan Fansite

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bagan U-12 in Yakult Danone Nations Cup!

The Mohun Bagan Junior team [U-12] is going to participate in the first ever Yakult - Danone Nations Cup which will be organized by Danone India Pvt. Ltd in association with All India Football Federation [AIFF] at the Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Stadium, New Delhi on the 11th and 12th of July, 2008.
The winning team from India will qualify to participate in the World finals which will be held at the Parc des Princes stadium, Paris from 4th to 7th September, 2008. 40 best teams from 40 nations including some World Cup playing countries like Argentina, Brasil, England, Italy, Japan, Cameroon, Spain, Romania will participate in the Final round.
From India 12 teams are going to take part in the preliminary round.
Chandigarh Football Academy
Hindustan Football Academy, Delhi
JCT Football Academy
MohunBagan Athletic Club, Kolkata
Olympian Rahman Memorial Academy, Kozhikode, Kerala
PSNA Football Acedemy, Dindigul, Tamilnadu
Rohit Football Acdemy, Cuttak, Orissa
Salgaocar Sports Club, Goa
Shimla Youngs Football Academy,
DelhiSikkim Football Academy
Tata Football Academy
*to play out qualifiers.
1.Saikat Das (GK)
2.Somnath Halder (GK)
3. Sandip Patra
4.Somnath Mondal
5.Subhendu Narayan Das
6.Rahul das (C)
7.Sanchayan Samaddar
8.Souvik Ghosh
9.Tarun Sarkar
10.Aynul Laskar
11.Abhinabha Roy
12.Sujit Soren
13.Suman Santra
14.Atim Maity
Coach – Amiyo Kr. Ghosh
Team Manager – Sreenibas Bose
Official – Malay Nandi
Pradip PalMOHUNBAGAN junior team will leave Kolkata on 8th July morning.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

IFA yet to declare CPL fixture!

The governing body of Bengal football has yet to declare the fixture for the most sought after local league in the state, the Calcutta Premier League. Unofficial sources say that the CPL is scheduled to set off from the 9th of July with Mohun Bagan playing their first match of the season on the 11th of July and IFA has assured to declare the fixture by 8th July. This highly unprofessional attitude on the part of the IFA has in the past affected Bengal football and has been a pediment in the way of developemnt of football in this part of the country.

Unofficial sources claim the CPL fixture to be as follows:

11th July: Peerless SC

15th July: Unknown

18th July: Unknown

22nd July: Unknown

26th July: Mohd. Sp.

30th July: Unkown

3rd August: East Bengal

Friday, July 4, 2008

I League 2007-08! Link to all matches

Nov. 26: Mohun Bagan vs JCT. Nov. 29: Mohun Bagan vs Viva Kerala Dec. 2: Mohun Bagan vs Sporting Clube de Goa Dec. 8: Mohun Bagan vs Air India Dec. 12: Dempo vs Mohun Bagan Dec. 16: Churchill Brors vs Mohun Bagan Dec. 22: Salgaocar vs Mohun Bagan Dec. 29: Mohun Bagan vs East Bengal Jan. 05: Mohun Bagan vs Mahindra Jan. 09: Sporting Clube Goa vs Mohun Bagan Jan. 13: Viva Kerala vs Mohun Bagan Jan. 20: East Bengal vs Mohun Bagan Jan. 27: Air India vs Mohun Bagan Jan. 31: Mohun Bagan vs Churchill Bros. Feb. 04: Salgaocar vs Mohun Bagan Feb. 09: Mohun Bagan vs Dempo Feb. 16: JCT vs Mohun Bagan Feb. 23: Mahindra vs Mohun Bagan

IFA's mistake almost cost Bagan dear!

The AIFF will organize a U-12 Football Tournament in Delhi in an attempt to popularize football in India amongst the upcoming generation. In an effort to make this Tournament a success AIFF invited each team from a number of States. From Bengal, Mohun Bagan's Junior team was invited. AIFF accordingly had sent the letter of invitation to IFA office on the 6th of June,2008 to forward the same to Mohun Bagan tent. The letter however found a resting place in the IFA office and never made its way to the Bagan tent till on 1st of July. Bagan officials however made contact with AIFF immediately about their intentions of joining the tournament but they were denied as AIFF informed that they had already managed 12 teams from across India by then since no response had come from Mohun Bagan. At this the Bagan officials pursued the matter and tried to convince that it was IFA's mistake and that if denied the Bagan junior team would be deprived off their rightful place in the tournament. The Tournament officials however assured that if any teams would back out then Bagan may get preference.
However, after much discussion and persuasion, it has been decided today evening that the Mohun Bagan's junior(Nursery team) will feature in the Tournament as the 13th team.

MOHUN BAGAN ATHLETIC CLUB-The National club of India

A Short History:

MOHUN BAGAN AC-The National club of India, the oldest Club in Asia,
was established on 15th August 1889 when India was up in arms against her collonial head, England.

Eversince its establishment the Club had been winning a lot of local leagues and cups but the moment of greatness that surpasses all came in the year 1911 when Mohun Bagan AC became the first Indian club/team to defeat the foreigners in their own game of football.

On 29th of July 1911 Mohun Bagan won the IFA shield beating East Yorkshire 2-1. Eversince there has been no stopping!

The club has won and keeps on winning many a laurel for the country! It has made our Nation Proud!

According to FIFA rankings, in Asia, Mohun Bagan is the 16th biggest team to have an avg. home crowd of 19,888. According to World standards, Mohun Bagan has been ranked of 127 much ahead of other big clubs like Udinese(Italy), Benfica(Portugal) and Fulham(England) to mention a few.

It is however,not an easy task to consolidate the history of a club which is more than 117 years old*...(read more...)

*For Further Info:Please visit The Offical site of MAC: History section please open in a New Window

Location: Kolkata Maidan
Green and Maroon
Symbol: Sail Boat

Stadium: Mohun Bagan ground
Yuva Bharati Krirangan

MOHUN BAGAN AC- It's not just a club, it is an institution, a religion, a passion. LIVE IT...DIE FOR IT...

A Pictorial trip of the Mohun Bagan Ground!

Satellite Imagery of our Club Ground!*
*Open in a New Window please.
Images of Yuva Bharati Krirangan*
*Open in a New Window please.

Photos by: Soumyadeb Sinha
Photos by: Soumyadeb Sinha


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