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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Injury worry trouble Karim!

Mohun Bagan's injury list just got more populated! As it is, Dipak Mondal, Habibur Rahman Mondal, Sangram Mukherjee were out with injury, now India and Mohun Bagan Captain Bhaichung Bhutia is to sit out for the coming two matches. Doctor has advised him not to take to the field for at least 3 weeks

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mumbai Fc make Bagan pay for missed chances!

When the oldest club of the country met the nascent Mumbai FC, in the I league opener for Mohun Bagan, the newly formed club had some tricks up its sleeve to deceive the wiser club and run away with three points from their away match. The Match was played in an utterly unplayable condition at the Barasat Stadium, with the rain pouring continuously before the match and through out. The field, by the end of the match had turned into a muddy pond, with players fresh with a mud bath. However, the match was nothing shocker for the Bagan fans, as the Mumbai FC side hit the ground running and caught Karim's Boys lagging in speed and effectiveness. The absence of a creative midfielder could be felt as Ishfaq was the lone man taking the game opponent. Bhaichung missed a easy chance created by Ishfaq at the very beginning and on the other side, Shilton, who was trusted under the Bagan bar after almost a better part of a year, came up with a twin save. But not long could Bagan defense hold back Hammond as he picked up a back pass from Odafe and beating Manju he took a scorching volley. Minutes later a movement from the right saw Koluthungan scoring for Mumbai FC off a diving header. There was not much in the remaining of the half. The second half saw Bagan despearate to score but as the midfield failed to gain control it became very difficult. Karim brought on Lalwampuia on for Mama and it was Puia, who scored the solitary goal for Bagan. After taking an in-step, out-step and again an in-step, he drove the ball past the Mumbai FC custodian, Kalyan Choubey! Bhaichung again missed a open net header and not to mention the time his shot hit the upright and rolled teasingly over the goal-line before being cleared by a Mumbai Fc defender. Team: Shilton, Odafe, Manju, Dipak, Rino Antao(Mohunraj), Jr. James, Rakesh, Ishfaq, Tulunga(Lalawmpuia),

Friday, September 26, 2008

Mohun Bagan officials meet Tottenham Hotspur!

Academy Marketing Director Mrs. Sohini Mitra Chaubey had a meeting with Executive Director (Paul Barber) and Head of International Development (Fran Jones) of Tottenham Hotspur. The main agenda of the meeting was youth developement. Tottenham officials were happy to see the infrastructure and enthusiasm of Mohun Bagan towards youth development. Sohini informed them about the recent success of U-12 team in Paris and Under-19 league in Jamshedpur. The meeting was quite successful. Details will be disclosed later in a press meet. Further talks will be held between the two sides later on. Read More Source: Mohun

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bagan to miss Marcos against Mumbai FC! Mohun Bagan ties up with Suvidhaa!

Mohun Bagan were unable to ensure Brazilian Marcos Pereira’s service as the tussle with JCT over his lien continues.
JCT coach, Sukhwinder Singh had earlier agreed to grant Marcos's lien to Bagan, as soon as the Brazilian referred to JCT by Marcos would arrive. But now Mr. Sukhwinder Singh seems to be singing a different song. Now he demands that only if the foreigner seems good enough to him, he will clear Marcos for Bagan. Karim Bencharifa said his team had enough firepower to overcome the absence of a third foreigner during the early part of the league. Meanwhile, Mohun Bagan announced a pact with multiple service providers Suvidhaa for I-League ticket distribution. Fans will be able to buy I-League tickets for Bagan’s matches from Suvidhaa’s various outlets across the city. Mohun Bagan is the only club from Kolkata, of the three others, Mohammedan Sp., East Bengal and Chirag Utd. to have accepted the AIFF's invitation to sell the I league tickets. The other club's were simply incapable to manage and organise any such operations.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Mumbai FC ready to give Bagan a run for their money!

Mumbai FC coach David Booth is all geared up for the upcoming I-League and doesn’t feel that his side would start their campaign as underdogs against Mohun Bagan at Barasat Stadium on September 27.

The Bagan upfront has the likes of Baichung Bhutia, Jose Barreto and PC Lalawmpuia — a combination that can give sleepless nights to any coach. Booth, however, appears unperturbed. Rather, he is a tad apprehensive about whether his young boys would be able to produce their best in front of a packed house that would go ga-ga to see a Bagan win.

“I’m only thinking about whether the youngsters would be able to handle the pressure. It’s not easy to play in front of thousands of partisan fans. If they don’t choke, they would give Bagan a run for their money,” Booth said.

“I’m not really worried about Bagan’s strengths. They have quality players, but my job is to help the boys perform to their potential,” he added.

The British coach is not really happy with the fitness level of his players. According to him, that was the reason why the team couldn’t put up a decent performance in the Durand Cup and was eliminated in the quarterfinals. “Personally, I didn’t want to participate in the Durand Cup. Instead, my idea was to go for an intensive training programme. But we had to participate (in the Durand Cup). So, I chose a line-up comprising basically the juniors. “I’m not too unhappy with their performance, though there’s always room for improvement, especially on fitness count. We have been working to improve their fitness level,” Booth observed.

As for the I-league, the new Ghanaian recruit Abel Hammond, fresh from his stint with the Italian third division club Brescia FC, is going to be his trump card. “Given a choice between Barreto, Yakubu and Hammond, I would choose the latter,” Booth said. Hammond didn’t play in the Durand Cup. But his performance in warm-up matches, have impressed one and all. Said midfielder Noel Wilson: “I don’t want to say much at this moment. If Hammond stays fit, he will set the I-League on fire.” The Ghanaian would be paired up with Nigerian Felix upfront. The latter has also impressed his coach with his showings in the I-League qualifiers and the Durand Cup.

In Kalyan Chowbe, Noel Wilson and Sanjoy Parte team has experience. Booth wants a perfect blend of experience and youth which, according to him, would be the key to success.

It would be baptism by fire for Mumbai FC who are playing the I-League for the first time. For a newcomer, to bump into four toughest teams of the tournament in first four matches is certainly not a very welcoming prospect. Coach, however, keeps his fingers crossed. “Our first four games are against Mohun Bagan, East Bengal, Mahindra United and Dempo SC. The outcome of these matches would decide our fate in the I-League,” Booth concluded.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Bagan immortal XI of 1911 restored!

Through a colorful ceremony at Mohun Bagan Lane, the fiber statues of immortal – 11 of 1911 IFA Shield winning team of Mohun Bagan have been restored today. These statues have been restored at the place from where our beloved club Mohun Bagan started its first journey. The sole credit for this noble effort goes to the local counselor Mr. Atin Ghosh who is also a hard core Mohun Bagan supporter. The programme started sharp at 5 .30 PM. All the area was flooded with the green and maroon colour. The lanes were decorated brilliantly with green and maroon flags and lights. There was a huge gathering regarding this event. Mr. Chuni Goswami, Mr. P.K.Banerjee, number of Mohun Bagan Officials like Swadhin Mallick, Radheshyam Agarwal, Kasinath Shaw,Arup Biswas, the renowed writer Mr. Shibram Kumar, football commentator Mr. Jayanta Chakraborty were there as the honourable guests. Along with them, the ex-chairman of Calcutta Minicipality, Mr. Kamal Basu who is also the descendent of Basu Family and Mrs. Gouri Bhaduri, granddaughter of Shibdas Bhaduri also ornamented the dais. Mr. Mintu Pal, artist from Kumratuli has sculptured these statues. With the starting of the programme, Mr. Atin Ghosh felicitated the guests and then Mr. Chuni Goswami, Mr. P.K.Banerjee, Mr. Kamal Basu, Mr. Shibram Kumar delivered some speeches regarding this historical achievement and its important on those days socio-political condition. On the final hour of this event, Mr. Chuni Goswami along with Mr. P.K.Banerjee unveiled the statue in the midst of huge applause.Sabuj Maroon Swapno is really thankful to Mr. Atin Ghosh for his kind invitation to SMS for this event and also for his brilliant eulogistic effort. Source: Sabuj Maroon

Friday, September 19, 2008

Team Mohun Bagan check in at the ITC Sonar Bangla!

After Bagan went to Jamsedhpur for their seven Residential Camp before the I league, and had to come back due to lack of accommodations, Bagan officials today decided to house the entire team in a Five Star Hotel in the City. The Bagan team after a hard days practice at the club ground received a warm welcome at the ITC Sonar Bangla. The entire Bagan team will reside at the Sonar Bangla for the next five days and continue practice at the club ground

Marcos Periera - the 3rd foreigner for Bagan!

Though it has not been officially declared, it is quite evident from the arrival of Marcos Periera to Kolkata, just when Mohun Bagan was in search of the third foreigner that the former Bagan midfielder will sign for Mohun Bagan again.
Karim was searching for a midfielder of good physical structure and who can control midfield along with supporting the strikers upfront. Marcos had played for Bagan in the past and is well known to take much load in the midfield and also come up with the scoring boot at times. Last season he had played for JCT. His contract coming to an end in JCT and an offer from Bagan has flown the Brazilian midfielder to Kolkata and very soon he will be signing for Bagan.
When questioned about the present Bagan side, he said that Karim is a good coach and playing along with Bhaichung and Barreto he will try to make the best and give his best.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mohun Bagan U-19 defeat East Bengal to storm into the Semis!

Mohun Bagan AC's U-19 team has been performing consistantly through out the on-going U-19 I league, and after a some handsome wins, they met city rivals, East Bengal in the Quaterfinal. But Mohun Bagan u-19 team made sure that they repeated the feat of their seniors. They defeated the East Bengal u-19 to make their way into the Semi-final!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Mohun Bagan wins Kolkata League - Star studded East Bengal manage to hold a Young Bagan!

This is Karim Bencharifa's script! It turned out just the way he had planned at the beginning of the season to win the Kolkata League for Mohun Bagan with his gang of young players. This is Mohun Bagan's 28th League title.
Karim with his young boys made their way through the tournament with much ups and a few downs, but ultimately emerged victorious leaving arch rivals East Bengal in the third place and Mohammedan finishing 2nd.
Bagan went into the match with needing just point to win the League, otherwise, had to wait for he Mohammedan - Chirag match which Mohammedan had to win by a a difference of atleast 3 goals. But Bagan boys left nothing in the hands of fortune and came out with the necessary 1 point, though it would not have been surprising had they extended their CFL Derby win to a astonishingly 8 wins in a row.
The match started off with East Bengal having nothing to lose plunging into the match with a star studded team. Alvito, Rahim Nabi, Meherajuddin Wadoo, SunilChhetri, Ashim Biswas, Surkumar, Musah and Subrata Pal, none were left out. Mohun Bagan on the other hand came out missing Dipak Mondal, Odafe, Bhaichung, Ishfaq. Young inexperienced players like Ramlal luaha, Jr. James, Rakesh Mashi, Rino Antao, Anand Vasan, Mohan Raj and Lalawm Puia represented Bagan.
East Bengal tried to prove their dominance the match, but lacked the quality to make any mark and the Bagan midfield, though lacking a play maker, fought well with the young blockers and snatchers. The defense also coped well with East Bengal attacks.
In the 23rd minute Malsauwmtulunga was tripped inside the East Bengal Penalty area and Bagan earned a penalty kick, which Barreto converted with out any mistake. Bagan held on t the lead for the remainder of the half.
With the beginning of the 2nd half, East Bengal again tried to get back, but failed to make any opening in the Bagan defense. Barreto on the other hand, wasted a 1:1 chance with Subrata.
Just when it seemed Mohun Bagan would register their 8th straight Derby win in the CFL against East Bengal, Edmilson Marquez in the 83minute scored from a free kick with went through the Bagan wall.
The match ended 1-1 and Mohun Bagan retaining the Kolkata League and winning it for the 28th time.
In the last 10 Derby encounters, Bagan have remained undefeated in the Salt Lake Stadium, infact winning majority of them.
Team: Sangram, Vasan, Manju, Rino, Mohunraj(Rahul Kumar), Rakesh, Lalram Luaha, Tulunga, Jr.James, Barreto, Lalawmpuia

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Habibur-Odafe to miss the Big Match!

After what has become a title decider Derby, Mohun Bagan may miss the services of Odafe and Habibur, the two trusted defenders of Mohun Bagan. Habibur had sustained an injury during the last match against George Telegraph. Odafe, however, today was injured in a practice session and may be unavailable for the vital match tomorrow! Bhaichung, it was previously known that he may not have played, but still that is yet not decided and may be called upon if Karim deems fit. Mohun Bagan just needs to draw the derby match to win the League, though it is obvious that the Karim Boys will not settle for anything less than a victory.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mohun Bagan celebrate 28th League title!

Mohun Bagan today reached on 30 points after defeating Raghu Nandi's George Telegraph in the Kolkata Football League. Though Mohd. Sporting are on 24 points from 12 matches with still 2 matches to go, yet they are 6 goals behind Bagan's goal difference of 13+. Bagan still have one match, that is the derby, though it may be an inconsequential match as East Bengal are on 24 points with only one match to go. They can not reach to 30 points.
Barreto ensured that Bagan fans went home with a smile on their face as he scored the only goal of the match in the 30th minute. The keeper came out of the line to smuggle the ball off Barreto's feet but Barreto pushed the ball past the keeper. The first half saw Bagan much in control of the match, but after the second half, Bagan's dominance went missing as the midfield failed to take the game to the other side. Jr. James did well in the midfield playing the role of a snatcher but as always lacked the finishing.
Karim introduced Ishfaq Ahmed in place of Jr. James so as to gain some control and with the hope creating few chances. But poor refereeing decision ruined the match. Ishfaq was pulled down from behind inside the penalty box, but the referee ruled a foul against Ishfaq. A series of wrong decisions followed as the referee kept awarding George players free-kicks whereas the decision should have gone in Bagan's favour. This followed a few protests from the Bagan side and with the referee ineffective, the George players started heckling Ishfaq, Barreto and Lalampuia. Ishfaq protested only to receive a yellow and then a red card. Today Barreto was relentless with running up and down the field and working tremendously.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Mohun Bagan finish 12th in Danone Nations Cup!

In the height years since it was created in 2000, the Danone Nations Cup has become the world's top football tournament for children in the 10-12 age group, and has already made 15 million kids' dreams come true. The World Final is the culmination of a year of competition, over five continents. The winners of the national tournaments in the 40 participating countries come together in a prestigious stadium, filled with bigger and bigger crowds, to play their favourite sport under the proud gaze of some of the greatest stars of the international game, and in particular the event's sponsor: Zinedine Zidane. Endorsed by FIFA and the FFF (the French Football Association), the World Final of the Danone Nations Cup is a true festival of sport, which brings together 600 children from different countries and cultures.
The Danone Nations Cup is rightly called the World Cup of Juniors...
India was incorporated for the first time this year, courtesy Mohun Bagan AC, the National club of India, who qualified by winning the Indian leg and earned the pass to the world finals held at Paris. Amongst the 40 participant countries, consisting of much advanced countries like, England, Spain, Argentina, France, Bazil, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Mohun Bagan representing India managed a respectable 12th position in the tournament considering this being their first appearance in such a high level and when we consider India's Fifa ranking which is in the unimpressive 150s, the achievement by the Bagan boys can never be silenced.
Mohun Bagan, representing India, were to play for the 9/12 position against South Africa and Turkey. South Africa are the 2007 champions and Turkey were ranked as high as 3rd last year. It would not have been an easy task and there were no surprises. India, represented by Mohun Bagan, finished 12th in the cup and why this is such a proud moment for India is because, Mohun Bagan made sure India finished way above some of the advanced countries of the world, like, Italy, USA, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal.
Even though India were ranked fourth in their Group C, along with Spain, Italy, Poland and Saudi Arab, India finished above all the teams in her group. Japan is the only Asian country to have finished above India, being 10th.
France, the host nations won the tournamnet.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mohun Bagan colts go down to Czech Republic!

Mohun Bagan u-12 team representing India met Czech Republic in the Danone Nations Cup in the Pre-Quarter Final match but failed to go through. It would seem luck betrayed the young boys as they conceded a late goal after leading by one goal. the match rolled in to tie breaker and then lost to the Czech Rep. team in sudden death.
Even though they have been removed from the title run, they still have a chance to make their pressence felt as they are now to play for a possition.
After the Czech match, Mohun Bagan colts representing India, defeated England 2-1. They now will play for 9/12 position against South Africa, who are the reigning Champions.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mohun Bagan impress in Paris

Mohun Bagan boys representing India in the Danone Nations Cup progressed from their group stage yesterday. Mohun Bagan met Poland, Saudi Arab, Italy and Spain in their Group C. Bagan defeated Poland 4-2 in tie breaker after the match ended 1-1 in regulation time. Next up,they defeated Saudi Arab 2-1. In their third encounter, they met Italy, to whom they faced defeat, 0-2. In the last match, they met Spain and defeated them 1-0 to advance to the pre quarter finals thus making it to the last 16. Mohun Bagan representing India advanced with 9 points from 4 matches being second in the group.
Today they meet Czech Republic and the winner advances to the Quarter final. Czech Republic were the winners of their Group and thus they meet the runners up India!
From now on, it would a knock out.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bagan move closer to League title!

Today Bagan met Biswajit Bhattacharya's Calcutta Port Trust at the Mohun Bagan ground. The huge turn up at the ground even though a spell of heavy shower swept across Kolkata before the beginning of the match, went home happy ridding a N.S. Manju winner.
Bagan it seemed came out with a purpose, but all such purpose wen missing after the 4th minute strike from Lalawmpuia of a corner.
The midfield again failed today as Lalramluaha, Jr. James and Rakesh Masi, al playing blockers caved in letting Port Trust gain control of the match.
The first Half ended in Bagan's favour and though Bagan came close to scoring on two more occasions, once through Lalawm and then through Barreto, but could not make their chances count.
With the beginning of the second half, CPT got a corner, which rolled into the Bagan net courtesy a miss kick by Habibur.
For Bagan it seemed could be a Herculean task to score a second, as Barreto off colour today and the team lacking a creative midfielder, kept sending hopeful long balls which were collected by CPT goalie, Gopal Das.
However, amazingly though, in the 63rd minute, Manju scored off a long Odafe throw in from the right.
Odafe however, sustained a head injury after a air tussle with one of the CPT foreign recruits.
Captain Baichung Bhutia replaced Lalawmpuia in the 73rd minute. Isfaq Ahmed was also there today as he replaced Mama in the 87th minute. Isfaq seem to have overcome his injury. Jose Barreto was substituted by Kartick Kisku in the 91st minute.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bhaichung may play tomorrow! Ishfaq back on field!

Certainly a double bonus for mariners! Bhaichung who was keeping himself off the field for injury and fatigue, may start off for Bagan tomorrow against Port Trust. With Mohun Bagan needing at the most 7 points from 3 matches, Bhaichung has decided to sit out no more and play his part in bringing home the 28th CFL or Bagan and thus retain the League title. Chances of Bhaichung playing tomorrow and for the first time this season will certainly draw a huge number of fans. Moreover, it was reported that Ishfaq Ahmed who had been out nursing a hamstring injury after the 3rd match, is back and will feature in tomorrow's match. Certainly a good news for Bagan as the midfield was lacking in creativity, pace and experience. Ishfaq is sure to lend all those to the Bagan side. Branco, however, the promising U-19 TFA player is still out with injury and his playing in the CFL this season may not be possible any further. In such a case, he will surely be looking forward to make his pressence felt in the upcoming I-league which is spposed to kick off on and from 26th of the September. The Vice-captain Lalkamal Bhowmick is also suffering from an injury though not serious.

Two New Brazillians in Trial!
In today's afternoon practice session, the two new Brazilian players joined the club practice. They have come for trial purpose from the Brazilian football club, XV de Jau of Sao Paulo. Jonathan is a lanky striker and has showed some good skill during the practice session. He has good power in his shots. On the other hand, Flavio is a central midfielder, though did not manage to impress in today’s practice session. Source: Sabuj Maroon Swapna

MOHUN BAGAN ATHLETIC CLUB-The National club of India

A Short History:

MOHUN BAGAN AC-The National club of India, the oldest Club in Asia,
was established on 15th August 1889 when India was up in arms against her collonial head, England.

Eversince its establishment the Club had been winning a lot of local leagues and cups but the moment of greatness that surpasses all came in the year 1911 when Mohun Bagan AC became the first Indian club/team to defeat the foreigners in their own game of football.

On 29th of July 1911 Mohun Bagan won the IFA shield beating East Yorkshire 2-1. Eversince there has been no stopping!

The club has won and keeps on winning many a laurel for the country! It has made our Nation Proud!

According to FIFA rankings, in Asia, Mohun Bagan is the 16th biggest team to have an avg. home crowd of 19,888. According to World standards, Mohun Bagan has been ranked of 127 much ahead of other big clubs like Udinese(Italy), Benfica(Portugal) and Fulham(England) to mention a few.

It is however,not an easy task to consolidate the history of a club which is more than 117 years old*...(read more...)

*For Further Info:Please visit The Offical site of MAC: History section please open in a New Window

Location: Kolkata Maidan
Green and Maroon
Symbol: Sail Boat

Stadium: Mohun Bagan ground
Yuva Bharati Krirangan

MOHUN BAGAN AC- It's not just a club, it is an institution, a religion, a passion. LIVE IT...DIE FOR IT...

A Pictorial trip of the Mohun Bagan Ground!

Satellite Imagery of our Club Ground!*
*Open in a New Window please.
Images of Yuva Bharati Krirangan*
*Open in a New Window please.

Photos by: Soumyadeb Sinha
Photos by: Soumyadeb Sinha


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