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Saturday, December 22, 2007

9 goals feast ends in Bagan's favour!

Bagan met Salgaocar sports club Goa today and the match witnessed an avalanche of goals. 4 goals were scored by Salgaocar while the remaining 5 were put in by Bagan.
The match had barely started off when Barreto after a nice movement involving Bobo, Bhaichung and Baretto himself, took a crack at goal but Bhaichung placed the rebound of the goalie.
Bagan kept up the pressure, but soon enough Salgaocar took control and from a long ball sent in for Ambani, Sangram misjudging the flight left his goal and Ambani found a free net to make the score 1-1.
Soon enough, from another such attacks, Felix was brought down by Rauf and was booked resulting a penalty against Bagan. Felix converted and score line was 1-2 in Salgaocar's favour.
Lalkamal who had been fielded today from the beginning was busy mispassing the ball around rather than playing serious football. The coach substituted him for Lalampuia.
The substitution turned to be a good one, when Lalam of his first touch, sent in the ball from the left straight across the goal and an advancing Barreto placed it in. score now 2-2.
Within minutes, again, Barreto played a long ball toLalam in the left and a cross from the young gun was met meticulously by Barreto's head sending in the 3rd goal for Bagan.
Just when the half was about to end, Lalampuia played a wall with Bhaichung and let the chance begging as he hit the goalie square on and sending the ball off for a corner kick. However the 4th goal came in from that same corner as Dharamjit sent it in and Bobo directing it towards the second post. Bagan go into the half, 4-2.
Within minutes of the 2nd half, Felix put one in the Bagan net from a free kick from the left. Sangram was in faulty position and again misjudged the flight. Score now 4-3.
Tough competition ensued and again Salgaocar equalised through Felix who completed his hat trick as he was left unmarked in the box meeting a cross sent in, he side volleyed it. A Gaping defense, frequent defensive errors and a thoroughly incompetent keeper to add on to that. Bagan surely conceding more that they are scoring.
The match continued and Venkatesh was replaced by James. Again the replacement paying off for Periera as from a 30 yard long free kick, James scored a world class goal to give Bagan the lead and the winning goal.
Bagan now have 8 points from 7 matches.
Bagan will now meet there arch rivals East Bengal in the next match.
Team: Sangram, Habibur, Odafe, Manju, Rauf, Venkatesh(James), Bobo(Siddiqui), Lalkamal(Lalampuia), Dharamjit, Baichung, Barreto

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bagan held after going twice in front!

Bagan pulled of a better performance against Churchill Brothers in their round 6 match in the ongoing ONGC I League but could not earn the deserved 3 points. Churchill has been a force to reckon with in this League so far with their ace striker Odafa, who scored a hat trick against East Bengal last just two days ago. Bagan with their suspicious defense had a tough job in their hands holding Odafe from putting holes in their net as before the match Odafa, the Churchill skipper had vowed to score two hat tricks against the two Kolkata clubs.
With Bagan's luck favouring the opponents in every match with balls hitting the post, Bagan went out against all odds.
This was however the acid test for the Bagan coach Perriera who was given a silent ultimatum. There were a few changes in the Bagan team, Vekatesh came in and Lalkamal started from the beginning and Douglas to much relief was replaced by Peter Odafe.
Bagan defence did quite well in the first half to contain the Churchill infiltrations towards the Bagan goal. Bagan played a defensive half.
In the second half however, Bagan drew first blood through Dharamjit nudged in a fumbled ball from the Churchill goalie. 47th minute, Bagan 1-0 up.
Soon enough, the Bagan side-back Mohunraj conceded the second yellow card of the match and was sent out reducing a lean and undependable Bagan defense one man short.
Churchill put up the tempo and equalised i through Odafa in the 67th minute.
Barely a minute had passed after this equaliser and Barreto sets up Bhaichung who making no mistake put Bagan in front for the second time.
As sheer bad luck may it seem or a bad defence, Bagan conceded the second goal and it was all to play for in the 71st minute.
After this what followed was a long wait for the long whistle and though both the teams tried their best, Bagan with 10 men on pitch clearly did not have the upper hand.
However, the match ended 2-2 and Bagan shared their points with Churchill.
Team:Sangram, Habibur[Ayan], Odafe, Manju, Mohanraj, Lalkamal, Bobo, Venkatesh[Siddique], Dharamjit[Rauf], Baichung, Barreto

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Lady luck dump Bagan!

One might say its sheer ill-luck for Bagan not to have won the match against Dempo as they did everything except scoring and came too close to scoring on 3 occasions but twice denied by the post.
After a few jittery performances in the first few matches, Bagan today seemed like a team and was playing with much determination. But the problem persisted, the Defence. Everyday a new set of defenders...well almost.
Manju was defending along with Siddique, with Shubhashish Roychowdhury and Mohunraj taking care of the flanks. Douglas was given the responsibility of a defensive midfielder and as usual he failed hideously. He kept scampering across the turf with a handful of wrong passes.
Bhaichung was upfront with Barreto and Dharamjit, Bobo, James supplying them with the balls.
Mohunraj also swept in decent crosses from the left.
Bagan conceded an early goal through Nicholas Borges so Bagan put on the pressure and created a few chances but failed to convert. Even Dempo counter attacked but they were either misappropriated or foiled by the defense and an in form Shilton Paul.
Late in the second half, Bhaichung hit the upright off a Mohunraj throw in.
In the second again Bagan took the game to the other side and again Barreto hit the bar and the ball dropped on the goal line and an advancing Bhaichung failed to put it in.
Dempo had their share of missed opportunities and late in the game, Bhaichung failed ti slot in a lovely cross sent in by Lalam. Bhaichung only had the goalie to beat.
Bagan are now on 4 points from 5 matches.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

AIFF turns down Bagan demand!

Going strictly by the rule book, Mohun Bagan are not entitled to receive any compensation for their injured defender Deepak Mondal, a senior All India Football Federation (AIFF) official said on Thursday. The AIFF president, Priya Ranjan Das Munshi, however, will soon take a decision in this case, the official informed. Mondal, a senior pro in the Indian circuit, suffered a knee injury during India’s successful Nehru Cup campaign in September and is yet to recover. Mohun Bagan, whose defence has been weakened considerably by the absence of Mondal, have recently shot off a letter to AIFF demanding salary reimbursement of the injured defender. “We have already paid Mondal Rs 10 lakh,” club secretary Anjan Mitra said. “Because of the injury, the player is yet to attend a practice session, leave alone playing a match for the club.” “Since Mondal suffered the injury while playing for India, the AIFF should reimburse his salary,” Mitra said. When asked, an AIFF official pointed out that no such salary reimbursement rule existed under Fifa regulations. “The federation has paid the entire medical expenses of the footballer,” the official said. “The Fifa regulations have no provision for anything else.” “A policy of salary reimbursement might open the Pandora’s box all over the world,” the official said. “In such a scenario, rich and powerful clubs all over the world might start demanding compensation from smaller nations.” “Imagine what will happen if Didier Drogba gets injured while playing for Ivory Coast and Chelsea makes an exorbitant monetary demand for loss of their key player. Such demands cannot be met,” the official added. The AIFF is also upset with the fact that injured players do not always receive right treatment once they go back to their respective clubs. Once the footballer gets back to his club, the club officials tend to ignore the medical advice sent by the national federation and start fresh treatment, the official complained. “In many cases, the injury of the player prolongs or gets aggravated and the federation gets the blame for it,” the official said.
Source: The Telegraph.

Bagan leave for Goa without Sanjeev!

Mohun Bagan leave for their Goa campaign with only 4 points from their 4 matches so far. They have not faired well in their home matches yet the coach is optimistic about the team's performance in Goa. Perriera confirmed that Bagan will try for earning 9 points from thier matches in Goa which will not be an easy task.
Moreover, Bagan will be missing the services of Sanjeev Maria in Goa after he was injured in the last match. Sanjeev may be replaced by Siddique in the defence.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Bhaichung's brace shoots down Air India!

Bagan today put up a reformed performance and earned three points over Air India. Air India would have been a tough match, Perriera knew that and so did his boys and so they did not take it easily. Bagan started off with Lalam and Bhaichung upfront and with Barreto and Bobo, Bagan's new foreigner playing from behind. Bobo played an impressive game and is sure a good signing judging from what he played and he along with Barreto kept the match in Bagan's favour. Bobo who is supposed to be an attacking midfielder, was more or less playing the role of a CM, with good snatching and ball control abilities and successfully kept the pressure off the defence, which was lacking in the past matches.
The defence today also seemed much in color with Sanjeev Maria marshaling defence with Manju and Mohanraj and James efficiently manning their respective flanks.
In the first half, Bagan created very few chances and one of them was scored by Bhaichung when Dharamjit put in a ball inside the box and dragging from the left to the right Bhaichung slotted in a pile driver.
In the second half, Bagan started off under pressure and Lalam was replaced with Lalkamal and Dharamjit by Ishfaq.
Barreto, even though injured played magnificently and ball distribution was simply exquisite but the finishing was just not there with Lalkamal spoiling more than a couple balls single handed.
Almost at the end of the second half, Barreto lofted a ball for Bhaichung who found himself confronted by a charging goalie. Bhaichung chipped the ball over the keeper then placed the ball inside the net.
This was a much comprehensive win and with the inclusion of Bobo the team has certainly taken a turn for the better.
Team: Shilton, Maria, Manju, James Singh, Mohanraj, Douglas, Dharamjit, Bobo, Barreto, Lalampuia, Bhaichung.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Barreto fights a lone battle!

It was a one-man-show from Bagan as they went in against Sporting clube de Goa in Kolkata. Paying a visit to Kalighat has not mended Bagan's ways as chances went begging and the defence looked off colour finding it hard to cope up with SCG attacks. Barreto, injured, put up a lone battle and drew first blood through a header from a centre put in by Douglas in the beginning of the second half. Bagan could not however hold on the lead as SCG pressurised the Bagan defence. Shilton came up with a stunner but soon enough yield to another shot.
The reason why Indian football is at the lowest rung of International football is evident because of fact that refereeing in India is of a lower grade. Bagan have been victim of such poor refereeing in the past and today was no exception. A series of erroneous decisions saw Bagan go down on her knees. Barreto scored scored a clean forward pass which was adjudged as offside, Isfaq Ahmed was fouled in the penalty box and the referee dashed out his yellow card for Isfaq for diving, a SCG defender handled the ball inside the box and escaped unpunished, a back pass from a defender was handled by the keeper which the keeper waived off as unintentional pass and not to mention the SCG players went unpunished for glaring time wasting through out the match.
Team: Shilton, Sanjeev, Siddique, Mohanraj, Habibur, Douglas, Lalkamal, Anit(Dharamjit), Barreto, Isfaq, Bhaichung.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Bagan to face Sporting Clube de Goa!

Mohun Bagan are in a tough situation in the ongoing ONGC I League after losing two of their opening matches and now they meet Sporting Clube de Goa. Bagan coach and players know that SCG will be no push overs and afer the quality of football they have showcased over the two matches, Bagan have to raise their game to even stand a chance to earn a point.
Bagan will go into the match with a 4-4-2 formation. Barreto, though he is not 100% fit will play for the team's cause and help Bhaichung upfront.
Another foreigner, named Bobo arrived today in Bagan. He is an attacking midfielder from Nigeria. Though no final decision has yet been taken, sources say that many have liked his style.

MOHUN BAGAN ATHLETIC CLUB-The National club of India

A Short History:

MOHUN BAGAN AC-The National club of India, the oldest Club in Asia,
was established on 15th August 1889 when India was up in arms against her collonial head, England.

Eversince its establishment the Club had been winning a lot of local leagues and cups but the moment of greatness that surpasses all came in the year 1911 when Mohun Bagan AC became the first Indian club/team to defeat the foreigners in their own game of football.

On 29th of July 1911 Mohun Bagan won the IFA shield beating East Yorkshire 2-1. Eversince there has been no stopping!

The club has won and keeps on winning many a laurel for the country! It has made our Nation Proud!

According to FIFA rankings, in Asia, Mohun Bagan is the 16th biggest team to have an avg. home crowd of 19,888. According to World standards, Mohun Bagan has been ranked of 127 much ahead of other big clubs like Udinese(Italy), Benfica(Portugal) and Fulham(England) to mention a few.

It is however,not an easy task to consolidate the history of a club which is more than 117 years old*...(read more...)

*For Further Info:Please visit The Offical site of MAC: History section please open in a New Window

Location: Kolkata Maidan
Green and Maroon
Symbol: Sail Boat

Stadium: Mohun Bagan ground
Yuva Bharati Krirangan

MOHUN BAGAN AC- It's not just a club, it is an institution, a religion, a passion. LIVE IT...DIE FOR IT...

A Pictorial trip of the Mohun Bagan Ground!

Satellite Imagery of our Club Ground!*
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Images of Yuva Bharati Krirangan*
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Photos by: Soumyadeb Sinha
Photos by: Soumyadeb Sinha


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