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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Happy Mohun Bagan Day!

The photo of the "Legendary 11"
118 years from today Bagan was at the threshold of entering into the Indian history books when being the first Indian club team they went in to play against the superior East Yorkshire Regiment in the 1911 IFA shield cup tie. But after those fateful 70 mins Bagan Captain Sibdas Bhaduri ensured that Mohun Bagan's name would be enscribed with golden letters in the pages of not only Indian history but also in the history of World football. 1911 was the year, and 29th July was the date and the teams fighting it out for the title of IFA shield Champion were Mohun Bagan and East Yorkshire. East Yorkshire drew first blood but soon enough Bagan equalised. A deadlock prevailed and just before 2mins of regulation time, Bagan skipper Shibdas Bhaduri pulled off a rabbit from his hat and gave Bagan the winner!
Mohun Bagan were the First Indian Team to win the IFA shield, a group of barefooted footballers made the English side eat dirt.
To commemorate this stupendous feet, it was decided that 29th of July would be celebrated as Mohun Bagan Day and Bagan's birthday being 15th of August!
The club ground has been decorated and members have started to pour in from morning itself.
It is yet again a success!
Long Live Bagan!

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MOHUN BAGAN ATHLETIC CLUB-The National club of India

A Short History:

MOHUN BAGAN AC-The National club of India, the oldest Club in Asia,
was established on 15th August 1889 when India was up in arms against her collonial head, England.

Eversince its establishment the Club had been winning a lot of local leagues and cups but the moment of greatness that surpasses all came in the year 1911 when Mohun Bagan AC became the first Indian club/team to defeat the foreigners in their own game of football.

On 29th of July 1911 Mohun Bagan won the IFA shield beating East Yorkshire 2-1. Eversince there has been no stopping!

The club has won and keeps on winning many a laurel for the country! It has made our Nation Proud!

According to FIFA rankings, in Asia, Mohun Bagan is the 16th biggest team to have an avg. home crowd of 19,888. According to World standards, Mohun Bagan has been ranked of 127 much ahead of other big clubs like Udinese(Italy), Benfica(Portugal) and Fulham(England) to mention a few.

It is however,not an easy task to consolidate the history of a club which is more than 117 years old*...(read more...)

*For Further Info:Please visit The Offical site of MAC: History section please open in a New Window

Location: Kolkata Maidan
Green and Maroon
Symbol: Sail Boat

Stadium: Mohun Bagan ground
Yuva Bharati Krirangan

MOHUN BAGAN AC- It's not just a club, it is an institution, a religion, a passion. LIVE IT...DIE FOR IT...

A Pictorial trip of the Mohun Bagan Ground!

Satellite Imagery of our Club Ground!*
*Open in a New Window please.
Images of Yuva Bharati Krirangan*
*Open in a New Window please.

Photos by: Soumyadeb Sinha
Photos by: Soumyadeb Sinha


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